Call for band proposals – Paris/Warsaw, May 2012

As an initiative to build and strengthen economic relations between the Austrian and international music industry, Austrian Music Export is planning two networking and showcase events in May 2012. These events are organized to showcase Austrian artists in other European countries, to initiate long term international cooperation and to trigger additional support for export-oriented labels and their artists.

Since France and Poland were selected as the focus countries of this year’s Waves Vienna Festival (, 4-7 October 2012), the first events are planned for Paris and Warsaw. The events will cover the following three areas:
- A promotional campaign to promote the artists involved and the variety of the current local music scene in general.
- A networking event with music industry delegates (labels, promoters, management and booking agencies, media partners) from each of the participating cities/countries
- A live concert with three Austrian artists (bands, DJs) representing current Austrian music production

Planned dates (tbc, subject to change!):
France-Paris: 17.-18. May
Poland-Warsaw: 24-25. May (during Warsaw Music Week,

Please let us know if you are interested in suggesting bands for one or both events until Friday, March 9th. To do so please send the following information to
- 3 MP3s of the current album or links to e.g. Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.
- press releases, artist picture, tour dates & technical rider
- future release plans
- existing partners (booking, promotion, distribution, publishing) in France and Poland

We are trying to organize financial support for travel costs of participating bands and companies. The gigs are set up as showcases – no fees will be paid. The artist selection is made together with our French/Polish partners (clubs, agencies, media) to achieve an ideal line-up for the respective countries. It´s a chance to present your bands to a professional audience (labels, bookers, media, agencies) and to meet French/Polish domestic music industry representatives. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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