Focus Countries AME

As an initiative to build and strengthen economic relations between the Austrian and international music industry, Austrian Music Export is organising networking and showcase events in alternating partner countries throughout Europe. These events are organized to showcase Austrian artists in other European countries, to initiate long term international cooperation and to trigger additional support for export-oriented labels and their artists.
The events cover the following three areas:
- A promotional campaign to promote the artists involved and the variety of the current local music scene in general.
- A networking event with music industry delegates (labels, promoters, management and booking agencies, media partners) from each of the participating cities/countries
- A live concert with three Austrian artists (bands, DJs) representing current Austrian music production

The artist selection is made together with local partners (clubs, agencies, media) to achieve an ideal line-up for the respective countries. Previous partner countries include France & Poland (2012), Slovenia & Belgium (2013), Croatia & The Netherlands (2014), Estonia (2015), Finland (2016) and Israel (2016).

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