general information

The Austrian Music Fund is an initiative that aims to promote and fund professional Austrian music production in order to increase awareness and facilitate its distribution, thereby strengthening the reputation of Austria as a location for creativity. In addition the OMF funds national tours as well as international showcase and export activities. 

production funding

The Austrian Music Funds supports the production of music for sound recordings or other audiovisual media as well as musical productions for exploitation in new media formats. All information on funding procedures and submission details can be found here.

tour support

The Austrian Music Fund supports national tours by Austrian artists and bands. The tour support program is open to all those artists and bands that were granted a production funding by the Austrian Music Fund. All information on funding procedures and submission details can be found here.

export funding

The Austrian Music Fund aims to promote international showcases of local artists at international nusic business events and develop measures to strengthen international exploitation of Austrian repertoire by acting as a catalyst for export-oriented Austrian labels, agencies and artists. Decisive factors for receiving support are the quality of production, market opportunities in the different export territories, sales expectations, previous sales/successes in a given territory, booking/tour expectancies and the marketing measures taken by the label. More information.